Hire Jude


Hello there and welcome to SLBackpacker– A Travel blog with stories from my backpacking trip across Second Life. It’s also one of the fastest growing Second Life blogs.

If you’re a business/sim owner/event host inside of Second Life, you can now hire me to write about/cover your business/products/services/ events/places and more.

What do you get?

This  association will be include relevant content on this blog (and will be clearly marked as a sponsored/partner post) along with Social Media co-promotion of the same. The content will be designed as per mutual understanding and my availability. The content will stay on the blog and social media handles for lifetime.

How to hire me?

You can simply fill in this contact form to reach out to me with your query. We can then connect inworld via Notecards, IM (only when online) and email. (Reach out to me inworld- “Jude Walter”)

What is the Association Cost?

This will involve a one-time payment (inworld to Jude Walter) only upon agreement of the terms of the association.

*Limited period Introductory Offer*

  1. General/Moderate Content–  L$ 750 1000
  2. Adult Content– L$ 1000 1500

Contact Form Below-