Getting Women Drunk at CFNM

A lot of my friends and readers have inquired about my whereabouts in the last couple of months. Well, let’s say  that sometimes you need to catch up with your RL too. I had a lot of catching up to do with my RL, both Work and Vacation! But the good news is that I’m back! 😉

So I landed at one of my favourite places within Second Life- The CFNM Mansion! I spent a lot of time doing what I love, mixing drinks and having a nice conversation with like-minded people. Here are some of the pictures of me  getting getting Cookie (hat a sweet name) drunk. She preferred Gin and Tonic and happily agreed to be photographed! 😉

Teasing at the bar!
Cookie enjoying her ‘Gin and Tonic’
What a Killer Look!
Lost in Thought

I intend to visit CFNM often along my travels and trust me a lot can happen at this place!

The adventures have just begun! (winks)

Taxi to CFNM:


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