Tsai is Getting Married?

Tsai has been a friend of mine from the Street since the time I used to run one of my inworld stores in the Street Whores- Town hall area. She is one of the most popular around the street and even a quick conversation with her will let you know why!

She called me earlier today as we were discussing something about our blogs, and told me about a marriage proposal that had come her way from one of her regular clients.

She was confused and called me over to her place. So as we discussed and had fun about how and what the wedding could really be, she started trying stuff and dressed up as the bride. She’s even open to clients on her wedding day and after she’s partnered too.

Here’s a quick photo session with the bride-to-be!


Difficult to choose a best man for herself, I’m sure! 🙂

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One thought on “Tsai is Getting Married?

  1. I met Tsai a few times, I remember the first time was actually the same day I met you … introduced by our mutual friend Caroline. It is a very good surprise to learn about the happy event to come, she must have found a very open-minded man to accept the conditions of her job. Next time you see her, please transmit her my best wishes !! She looks wonderful in her wedding dress and reminds me my own marriage…. years ago.
    Thanks for sharing, very nice post again!


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