The ‘NAKED’ Retreat!

I have been spending a lot of my time, infact the whole of last week at ‘NAKED’. This has been my little break from the hustling London City. Apparently, Naked is one of the oldest, most beautiful and artistic nudist Sims in Second Life.

Over the last week I’ve actually met some of the most interesting people and had some great conversations with them. I’ve also spent a whole lot of time with myself walking around the sim, and sometimes just sitting along the shore enjoying and sinking in the beauty of the sea.

Well, this morning, like most days, I was hanging around the ‘Welcome area’ when my eyes met Rachel’s who was sitting next to me and I glanced and smiled at her. She smiled back, so we began to have a conversation about my travels and my time here.

She told me I had been missing out on one of the most important aspects of Naked- ‘Sailing’. “Have you enjoyed the views from the sea?”, she asked and offered me a ride on her boat. Ofcourse I was totally in for it!

The sea was a little rough today, but her sailing experience helped us getting through and we had a great time while we were at it. We took moments to stop at times and enjoy the beauty of the nature around us.

Rachel, the Sailor!
Like a boss!
Ushuaia- The Princess

We stopped by at the ‘Naked Bliss’ island to meet Rachel’s friend Joaz for a bit and I took this moment to click both the beautiful ladies together in one frame.


Rachel and I now decided to visit the popular waterfall which she had been telling me about all this time when we sailed. It was beautiful. These were like sisters flowing down together into the vast pool of water. As Rachel enjoyed a short swim in it, I just kept looking at her beautiful best, mostly shyly.

The Beautiful Waterfall at NAKED!

Rachel now decided to show me the Japanese house on the top of the hill and I followed her to it. It was really peaceful at this place and we had a swim together in the pool in the middle of this house. Life, really did seem just perfect.


The water was a little cold, so Rachel was happy to give me some company at the end of our swim..

Rachel and I enjoying a cuddle

Both Rachel and I agreed to the fact that this was the best thing about travelling. Meeting new people along your way with whom you connect instantly and spend beautiful moments together.

Until Next time..

Taxi to NAKED Welcome Center

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4 thoughts on “The ‘NAKED’ Retreat!

  1. Nice being your guide to the beautiful “Naked!” sim and thank you for a lovely afternoon and God’s speed on your further travel through the wonders of SL.

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