A Midnight Dance Outside BAR SOHO in London City!

I was on the main street just before 12 am SLT when I got on a call from my friend Rina. She had read my last blog post and knew that I was in London City.

She asks me- “fancy seeing me right now?”

I’m always excited to see her. She’s a gorgeous lady with a great heart and makes me feel really good all the time. Great conversations never stop when she’s around. So I asked her where can we meet, and she answered “just turn around!”

I ran towards her and hugged her real tight, kissed and told her how pleasantly surprised I was for this effort  to come see me here. We walked around the place for a while and got ourselves a table. She look ravishing in her (short) blue dress and earrings.

A young girl kept approaching the table we were seated on but did not acknowledge our greetings. Rina presumed that the girl liked me and was jealous of her being around. She’s funny sometimes.

We decided to go for a dance and walked upto Bar Soho. The club was playing Jazz and both of us settled for a dance in the courtyard outside. Slow sensual dance is what followed for the next few moments.

Dancing with Rina to Jazz Music

She had to rush back as it was late so I kissed her goodbye and told her how happy I was to come and surprise me like this.

I bumped into this young man after Rina left-

I guess he’s a regular!

Goodnight you all! 🙂

Taxi to Bar Soho in London City

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