London City 7th Birthday

I’m glad that as I start my backpacking and blogging journey in Second Life, the first destination I’m visiting is the London City. To give you a perspective on why I feel so, I started my Journey in Second Life too with the London city.

So as I prepared to start backpacking in-world, I visited the Second Life Destination Picks and got to know that London City is celebrating its 7th birthday! It was right there and then that I decided that this has to be my first destination for the blog.

London City 7th Birthday

London City celebrates its 7th birthday in Second Life. Throughout September, you can enjoy live events and weekend concerts to celebrate. There’s also a fun fair, vintage memorabilia hunt and themed collectables from London City’s seven years in Second Life. Details at

Visit in Second Life


So after arriving in London City, I decided to take a stroll around the place!

The London City in Second Life

The main event area was quite deserted, however as the event suggests this celebration goes on throughout September with live events and concerts being planned on weekends. The London City’s Website mentions of  a concert tonight as I write this. It is by Simply Red and more details can be found out here. I’ll try and make it!

London City 7th Birthday Celebration Area. The Stage is set! So are Contest and Advertising boards, dance balls and decorations!
History meets Fashion!
The Streets of London City.

As I settle down here, I took some time out sitting around the area going through the London Guide. I plan to cover some of the most popular and happening places in and around the London City. Hope I get to meet some interesting people too along the way!


I did manage to attend the catch up with the ‘Simply Red’ gig and it was mindblowing! They performed one hit after another and as we swayed to the music on the gigantic dance floor. One of the best gigs I’ve attended in Second Life so far!

Much credit goes to the team behind the scenes which make it so successful. It was such a privilege for me to get introduced to Evie, the host and manager of the event and also Torric Rodas, the CEO of London City in Second Life. Both of them were so friendly and humble to connect with and also told me about the upcoming events.

It was a full house! See for yourself-

Photo by Torric Rodas
Photo by Torric Rodas

Oh, I clicked one of mine too with the birthday hat on! Happy Birthday, London City!

Swaying away to Music at the ‘Simply Red’ gig!

P.S. I also won 50 Linden dollars on the contest board tonight!

Follow the blog as I discover more of London in the next few days! Cheers!!!

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2 thoughts on “London City 7th Birthday

  1. Hi Jude,
    Very nice article and it reminded me it is a very long time I did not set foot in the virtual London. I will have to do that very soon. Keep on writing, I am eager to see where you will head next time.


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